Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

In the program “Minęła 20” on Polish television TVP, the priest repeated the results of his research that there is a “lavender mafia” in the Catholic Church. Father Oko mentioned such names as Theodore McCarrick, Keith O’Brien and Hans Hermann Groër in this context.

They were the most powerful church hierarchs in the US, Scotland, and Austria to commit sexual offenses.

In late July, a court in Cologne sentenced Father Oko for “inciting hatred”:

My crime is that I have published an academic article describing the activities of homosexual cliques in the Church, cliques otherwise known as the lavender mafia. The court sentenced me to a fine of 4,800 euros or four months in prison. We are appealing the judgment together with my lawyers.

The most famous example is Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who, already as a priest, molested and raped boys who were children of his friends. This did not prevent him from becoming a bishop and the most powerful cardinal in the United States. He had a great influence on the shape of the Church and cardinal appointments. Throughout his life, he searched for homosexual opportunities, including molesting and raping seminarians from his seminary.

Father Oko was convicted by a court in Germany and a notification of “his crime” was filed by Father Wolfgang Rothe.

Father Wolfgang Rothe is a person who is the face of homosexuality in the German Church. He is known for blessing homosexual couples and insulting Pope Francis, who forbids such practices. He was also involved in the scandal from nearly 20 years ago, when, while being the vice-rector of one of the seminaries, he turned it into a homosexual brothel. There were orgies soaked with alcohol. Photos of Father Rothe kissing a seminarian were made public. As he later claimed, he was completely innocent, but the bishop immediately recalled him from the seminary.

Although Father Oko was convicted of inciting hatred, the court did not indicate who specifically was exposed to this hatred:

It is clear that I am not accusing all homosexuals, but only a criminal group operating in the Catholic Church. Following this line of reasoning, if I wrote about the Sicilian mafia, a court in Milan could convict me for insulting the Sicilians or Italy. This is absurd.

The priest explains this by the presence in Germany of the gender movement, whose “dogmas include the inviolability of homosexuals.

A German court sentenced the clergyman, as well as the elderly, 90-year-old German priest, Fr. prof. Johannes Stöhr, editor-in-chief of Thelogisches, in which Fr. prof. Oko published an excerpt from his study for the alleged “incitement to hatred”.

The clergyman argued that not only direct victims deserve protection against – as he said – the crimes of the lavender mafia, but also the Church as such, because such gangs, by compromising the church in the eyes of the public, contribute to diminishing its value, its standing and bring it down in the eyes of the same public opinion, to the rank of a criminal, sex oriented organization.

According to Father Oko, it is a certain irony of fate that nowadays the Germans forbid him to save young people from attacks by the lavender mafia, just as during the occupation the Germans forbade saving Jews.

The Germans putting me in jail? My grandfather and grandmother saved Jews, risked their lives, despite the fact that the Germans forbade saving Jews. Grandfather was almost killed by the Germans when he fell into a trap when he came to get false documents for hiding Jews. Similarly, I am determined, despite the fact that the Germans forbid it, to save the clerics from homo-mafia within the church. (SOURCE)

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Alice Larkin
Alice Larkin
1 year ago

This lavender mafia has been known about for decades. David Rose wrote about them in ‘Goodbye Good Men’. They are a minority in the church but destroyed a few seminaries. Fortunately most seminarians now are aware of them and seek out good seminaries. It was mainly seminaries in English speaking countries that were affected, but similar problems have been revealed, in other mainly western countries. What is unusual here is that this report comes from what is ‘eastern Europe’. Catholics have been on a sharp learning curve regarding this for 50 years. Homosexuals are now excluded from seminaries. In the past there was no ‘test’ to apply. Now the level of entry testing is much more searching. There is still damage to deal with. If a young man wishes to enter a seminary now he has a good choice of them. And the priests coming out now in many places are devout and true loyal sons of the church. Interestingly, in Australia most of the seminarians are Asian and they are known as very faithful priests.