Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Ordo Medicus is a grassroots social initiative of doctors and scientists of various fields for the promotion of health, personal freedom, freedom of speech and independent science. The initiative was launched in March 2021 in response, according to the founders of Ordo Medicus, to the anti-scientific, anti-social, uneconomical and often illegal management of the coronavirus crisis by the Polish government and its medical advisers.

According to Ordo Medicus, government regulations in Poland (this applies to most countries of the world) led to the highest number of excess deaths in Europe in 2020 as a result of paralysis of the health care system and neglect of health care for people suffering from diseases other than Covid-19. Sanitary restrictions imposed on Polish society and the so-called lockdowns paralyzed many sectors of the economy, exposing honestly working Poles to the loss of their entire life fortune. They led to a sharp increase in depression, anxiety, a weakened immune system, and a decline in cultural and religious life. Children are a group that is particularly affected by the negative effects of epidemiological restrictions.

Ordo Medicus regrets that so far the mainstream media and politicians have been pushing for a one-sided narrative of the fight against the current crisis, preventing the voice of different opinions expressed by thousands of doctors and scientists around the world, for example by signatories of the so-called The Great Barrington Declaration. We condemn attempts to discredit people who disagree with the government and pejoratively define them as tanglers, anti-vaccines, flat earths or, recently, even, as the journalists of the weekly “Wprost” have put it, terrorists. We also do not accept unlawful, humiliating and reminiscent of the dark times of communism attempts to gag the mouths of doctors by the Ministry of Health and the Supreme Medical Chamber.

Therefore, the initiators of the Ordo Medicus group decided to create an Institute that will:

1. Conduct information campaigns on the treatment and prevention of diseases. In addition to expanding the website, we plan to organize regular conferences on contemporary threats to the health and life of Poles, publishing popular scientific medical publications and conducting health-promoting advertising campaigns.

2. Fight for human rights, including the right to express opinions and decide about one’s own body. The insolent campaign of fear of the coronavirus and moral blackmail such as “if you do not get vaccinated on Covid-19, you will not go on vacation, you are not a patriot, you will not be able to go to school or study” or the deliberate lowering of NOPs contradict the basic principles of deontology medical. In cooperation with other organizations and individuals, we will defend the right to freedom of choice regarding vaccination against Covid-19 and provide legal assistance to vaccine victims in the future. We will also, as far as possible, combat all attempts to introduce illegal and scientifically unjustified vaccine passports in Poland and discrimination against unvaccinated people.

3. Coordinate the activities of the non-parliamentary committee investigating the negligence of the government and the Medical Council in the fight against Covid-19. This commission will be made up of lawyers, doctors and academics from a wide variety of disciplines, and its findings will serve as evidence in possible lawsuits undertaken by lawyers.

4. To defend children’s rights to education and free physical and mental development, unfettered by harmful lockdowns.

5. Take measures to prevent the introduction of a sanitary dictatorship in Poland under the pretext of combating Covid-19 or other diseases.

6. To undertake cooperation with foreign entities opposing the violation of human rights and forcing the communist model of the functioning of society. (Source)

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