Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

On Monday, thirteen sites in Dubbo were among the newly identified sites for Covid-19 infection. Recorded virus infection spread from Sydney to western New South Wales (over 100 new locations).

Health authorities issued dramatic warnings to venues in many regional locations, including the church in Newcastle, which was attended by an infected person every day for over two weeks. (It should be noted that two phenomena are visible here: the first is the extreme danger of the church’s role in spreading the plague, and the second is an undoubted miracle, as a person infected with such a terrible disease did not notice his/her deteriorating health for two weeks. – editorial comment). (LINK)

Meanwhile, panic-stricken authorities announced eight COVID deaths, including one person aged 15. It turned out a few hours later that the 15-year-old’s death was caused by pneumococcal meningitis, not Covid.

Overall, this brings the number of Covid-related deaths to 56 from June 16, since this new wave of the Sydney epidemic broke, and the total number of deaths in New South Wales has jumped to 112 since the start of the pandemic (February 2020 till now).

In order to fully realize the scale of this pandemic, in 2020 alone 297 people died in road accidents in New South Wales  (one of the lowest percentages in the history of this state since 1923). (LINK)

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