Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin received German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Kremlin in Moscow. The German chancellor and the Russian president discussed the return of the Taliban, the NS 2 pipeline project, at an end-of-the-era meeting as it was Merkel’s last official trip to Russia. As you probably know, she is preparing to step down next month after almost 16 years in office.

Of course, Angela Merkel, after talking to Putin, provided the Western media with extensive information on one more topic that was discussed – the imprisonment of Navalny.

I talked about the depressing situation of Alexei Navalny. Once again, I demanded the president to release Navalny and made it clear that we I’ll continue to be interested in this matter.

Vladimir Putin has denied the accusations that Alexei Navalny was convicted of political activity¬† and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a long statement on the “Navalny case” on Wednesday, alleging that the actions of “Germany and its allies” over the past 12 months indicated “a planned provocation aimed at discrediting Russia in the eyes of the international community and damaging her national interests.

This heavily emphasized topic of talks was in fact a smokescreen and a tactical distraction for the media and public opinion from the sensitive topic of Nord Stream 2.

And in this relatively simple way, this alleged “conflict” between Merkel and Putin will not harm German-Russian relations in the slightest, Angela Merkel will be regarded by the media as a relentless political opponent and human rights fighter, and gas will soon start flowing from Russia to Germany. (LINK)



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