Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

A Sydney based group called the North West Forum hosted Professor Peter McCullough, US academic physician, who has published hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and 45 on the subject of Covid. He explained that the Delta Strain has over 20 mutations on the spike protein – in fact probably more now as it increases all the time. He gave up to date information on the state of the vaccines. He expressed the view that the current vaccines do not protect against Delta. Fully vaccinated countries such as Israel and Iceland have many admissions to hospital with Covid. Professor McCullough, however, has clinical evidence that early intervention saves lives. He, along with other researchers, such as Dr Borody, Professor Clancy, Dr Marik, Dr Pierre Kory, among many others, were advocating this in April 2020.

But who wants to lose billions? The giant force of the Big Pharma companies did not take this up. Despite the negative propaganda coming from these companies on early treatment and their efficacy, increasing numbers of doctors give early treatment protocols which are not given in the hospitals.
Some have placed their treatment protocols online.

Here is a recent lecture given in the US by Professor McCullough.

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