Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Protests were already going on for the third day in Melbourne after the Victorian state government shut down the construction industry for two weeks on Tuesday. In the decision to close the entire economic sector, the state government referred to the violation of anti-pandemic regulations in the construction industry.

So we have a situation where people deprived of both jobs and livelihoods fight for their rights, and at the same time the Victorian government and the mainstream media use tactics to dehumanize protesters and diminish their human dignity by calling them “thugs”, “hooligans” and “selfish antivaxxers” – who de facto endanger the lives of “good” Australians.

What’s really interesting is that even the “supposedly conservative” media are starting to identify workers with the “reactionary far-right”.

Here are some examples of this “Newspeak”:

“Rampaging thugs unleash destructive anarchy on Melbourne” (The Australian)
“How anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and the far-right came together over” COVID” (ABC)
“Experts say the far-right and anti-vaxxers are infiltrating industry protests” (SBS)
“Anti-vax, far-right activists undermining Australians’ health, safety” (The Age)

This begins to remind more and more of the reaction of the communist government and its servile media in Poland during the workers’ protests. There were also words about “hooligan and thuggish elements” when in fact we had communist authorities beating the very people they were supposed to represent and defend.

Not so long ago, Australian outraged media reported events from France crying about police brutality and giving moral support to the “yellow vest” movement. Today, the same media do not see that the construction workers’ protests are here for the same reasons as the yellow vest movement in France. And the reasons for these protests are heavy-handed rule and draconian regulations of power, which, at least theoretically, should defend its citizens and their rights.

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