Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

On Saturday 20/11/2021, Sydneysiders, joining other Australians around the country, came to the city to protest against Mandated Vaccines. Crowd estimates were anywhere from 100,000 to half a million. The mainstream media simply said ‘thousands’ and was almost embarrassed to report the event. The huge crowd filled the entire area of Martin Place, spilled into College Street, Market Street, George Street. Police were everywhere but had nothing to do as the protest was peaceful. They had met in Hyde Park to start with and began their march through the city. Catholics joined them after having prayed at St Mary’s Cathedral and onwards they went –traffic was at a standstill – some saying it was the biggest march ever held in Sydney. Among them were people who had lost their jobs in hospitals, stood down teachers, people about to lose their jobs in offices, groups of Orthodox and Catholics, Vegans, New Agers, vaccinated and unvaccinated, left wing, right wing, supporters of Aboriginal Rights not wanting forced vaccinations, and supporters of the United Australia Party. As I travelled into to city by bus most passengers spoke of the injustices levelled at those who had lost their jobs – they sang, they encouraged each other, kept writing placards. And they were mainly young. All told me they would be willing to do antigen testing each day but were never given the option. The question arises – why lose so many skilled young workers when there is a shortage of them in Australia? Of course it is about compliance, compliance without thinking. These young people said they were pro-vax, but not THIS set of vaxes, saying they were experimental, aroused suspicion, and they had read the work of many researchers around the world stating serious concerns about them. The atmosphere in the city was, respectful, electric and united. An alternate miserable, small protest against ‘fascism’ was held at the Town Hall, clearly set up by agents provocateurs. No-one took any notice of them.

I have never witnessed such a diverse group of Australians united in the same cause – freedom from coercion – it was special to sense this unity. The crowd all seemed to understand that behind Covid and the Vax, is the push for a political reset, total compliance, and the taking away of human rights. At the very least it is clear, as told me by several doctors, that there is no informed consent by those having the vax – which raises the question of how freely people choose to have it. Many friends have told me they were forced to take it, though they did not want to. And they were protesting here too. Since last year when the vax was ‘best medical advice’ there have been new alternate, evidence-based treatments.. This is of great interest evidently to many around the world. Australian Professor Thomas Borody, who migrated here from Poland in his youth, has just completed another research study indicating the clear effectiveness of Ivermectin as an early treatment. It was something to hear Waltzing Matilda sung by so many, and the song by the Australian group, the Seekers, ‘I am, you are, we are Australian’. Federal politician Craig Kelly, leader of the United Australia Party, who has shown great courage in speaking for the rights of those losing their jobs and their rights in Parliament, was cheered as a modern day hero. Placards jostled with each other saying “Freedom from tyranny”, “They’ll have to build bigger camps”, “Hands off our children”, “It’s so bad even the introverts are here”, “Vax reactions are not rare just rarely reported”, “Take off your mask and smell the bullshit” and “Brad is a Hazard to Australia” – the latter referring to the Brad Hazard, the New South Wales Minister for Health and Medical Research. No-one is under any illusions, or perhaps some are, but on this Saturday they were not – about the relentless aims of the political reset. These Australians who protested, numbering nearly a million around the entire country, showed that they do not buy the mass global reset and will never cease to stand for human rights.

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