Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Dramatic headlines in Australian newspapers read: “New South Wales medical service is collapsing! 1533 infections recorded!” It is not known, as it is usual in such cases, how many of these “infected” are really sick and how many have simply shown positive tests, but just in case the media is buzzing about the cataclysm.

The NSW medical service experienced its second busiest day in history on Friday, and the state health system is struggling with the burden of soaring cases of Covid-19.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has urged Sydney residents not to use the state health system unless there is no other option as concerns are growing about the severe delays faced by ambulance workers and the lack of hospital beds.

One could probably observe that , this is quite a strange method of fighting the “pandemic” – first we put the population into a state of panic and hysteria, and then when they think that a single cough means imminent death, we advise them to stay at home and do not bother the medics. In the meantime, people with NON-COVID diseases cannot get adequate medical attention.

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